1. The Carrier will not be responsible for any loss or damage howsoever arising from or during the loading and unloading of the vehicle.
  2. Without in any way limiting the generality of the foregoing, it shall be the express responsibility of the Customer to ensure that:
  3. The Customer is satisfied that the Carrier’s vehicle is suitably clean for the purposes of receiving and conveying the Goods before loading of the Goods into the Carrier’s vehicle is commenced;
  4. All Goods loaded shall be in such condition as to enable them to be freely off-loaded at the off-loading point; and
  5. Suitable access and off-loading facilities will be provided at the off-loading point.
  6. The Customer hereby indemnifies the Carrier and holds it harmless against all costs, expenses, claims, losses, damages or injuries to any person or property howsoever arising and whatsoever nature and whether direct or indirect arising out of or during the course of any such loading or unloading and including any costs, expenses, claims, losses, damages or injuries arising out of the contamination of any Goods whatsoever.
  7. In the event of the consignee refusing to accept delivery of the Goods in whole or in part, or in the event of the Carrier being unable to effect delivery by reason of the address of the consignee being improperly or inaccurately stated:
  8. And being compelled to return the Goods to the Customer, then the Customer shall be liable for all costs incurred in the return of such goods whether on the same basis as originally agreed upon or on any other basis whatsoever;
  9. Or being compelled to dispose of such goods by reason of their perishable nature for whatsoever other reason, the Carrier shall not be liable for any damage to, or loss of such goods or any loss or damage arising out of the disposal thereof and the Customer shall be liable to the Carrier for all costs incurred in connection with the disposal of such Goods.
  10. It is the Customer’s duty to be available and present at the collection address in order to ensure that the delivery item/s is/are collected to be delivered to the Consignee as per the instructions provided on the order form. Should the Customer fail and/or neglect to be available at the collection address as provided, the Customer hereby indemnifies the Carrier and the Carrier shall not be held liable for all costs, expenses, claims, losses and/or damages which arises as a result of the non – collection of the goods to be delivered.